Country Star Travis Tritt Rails on Obama 'Stabbing Israel in the Back'

He turned Twitter into pro-Israel Tritter.

Country music legend Travis Tritt, who penned the hit song Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares), strongly defended Israel on Twitter this week.

It was a response to the media and the Democratic Party’s 24/7 witch hunt on President Trump and his alleged connection with Russia. The New York Times reported that during Trump’s meeting with Russian officials, he divulged classified information on ISIS that was provided him by Israel. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) posted the article to Twitter and stated, “Dear @POTUS: As a Member of the Foreign Relations Cmte, I want to remind you that Israel is our ally, Russia is not.”

And suddenly Democrats are pro-Israel? That was all the hypocrisy Tritt could stand, and so he tweeted back:

At each turn that Tritt was countered, he stood his ground:




And isn't it funny how easily Democrats have forgotten Obama's naivety on Russia? Mitt Romney was so out of touch five years ago, but now they act like experts:

H/T RedState

Photo credit: FestofFriends via / CC BY-NC