'Compassionate' Leftists Hope Hurricane Irma Destroys Trump’s Mar-A-Lago

And the president is the mean-spirited one???

The Left paints conservatives as heartless bastards with no concern for anyone but themselves. But then again, conservatives aren’t the ones covering our faces and bashing and burning our political foes. Conservatives are those people in trucks, boats, and waders pulling people out of floodwaters. Meanwhile, leftists hope the next hurricane, Irma, which is heading straight for Florida, makes contact with businesses owned by President Trump. 

Legal Insurrection amassed quite a collection of tweets from anti-Trumpers wishing, and some even praying, that the president might head to Mar-a-Lago this weekend for a round of golf and die in the 185 mph winds. Others wished for the resort to be leveled and considered it a kind of climate karma:

Ah, the compassionate left.