Columbia U Students Cite 'Obligation' to Redistribute Wealth

"Do you feel uncomfortable about how much money your family has..."

Maybe you could call it the embodiment of Barack Obama's "you didn't build that" comment. A group of students at Columbia University is calling on middle- and upper-class students to redistribute their own wealth.

Campus Reform reports that students Amy Wang and Claire Klinger are inviting their fellow students to a workshop on giving away your family wealth later this month:

“Do you pay full tuition? Are you graduating debt-free?” the event description asks. “Do you feel uncomfortable about how much money your family has and avoid the topic as much as possible?”

Students will spend the first half of the February 22 event “mapping out how our families came into money and what communities that money is extracted from,” after which they will “explore how to mobilize our financial privilege to support marginalized people.”  

Called "Class Privilege & Radical Redistribution," the workshop description claims that the masses need to do without so the wealthy can hoard their billions:

This starts with recognizing that our wealth comes from a fundamentally unequal and exploitative economy, in which people are denied basic needs like housing, food, and healthcare so that a small percent can hoard millions and billions of dollars.  

The pair of students aren't alone in pushing loonie lefty ideas on campus. Campus Reform also reports that the duo have competition from the Columbia Marxist club that wants full socialism to make sure no student ever has to graduate with student loans.