College Encouraging and Facilitating Anti-Gun Walkouts

"Organize that day's classes with some flexibility."

Palm Beach State College wants Congress to get to grabbing guns, and they want to make sure that their faculty is onboard. Campus Reform reports that the school is encouraging and facilitating walk-outs on March 14 and has asked professors to "organize that day's classes with some flexibility" so that students would be able to take part. 

 The “#Enough! National Student Walkout” is being organized by the same folks that organized the Women's March. 

Vice President of Academic Affairs Roger Yohe sent an e-mail to faculty which stated:

“Organizers are urging students, faculty, and staff across the country to walk out of their classrooms and offices and stand outside for 17 minutes; one minute for each victim,” Yohe’s email states, advising professors to “please organize that day’s class with some flexibility, anticipating that some or all of your students, as well as yourself, may wish to walk out.”

“At the conclusion of the 17 minutes, an intercom announcement on each campus will direct everyone to return to class or their workstation,” the email adds, instructing professors to “check your college email on March 12 for campus-specific instructions on facilitating the walkout.”

Great use of tax dollars?