College Dem Resigns After Saying She Hates All White Men

"I f***ing hate white men."

Last week, Sarah Semrad, Vice Chair of the College Democrats of Wisconsin, stepped down from her role after tweeting, "I f***ing hate white men." Charming! She actually has a history of being a charmer, also tweeting that "my new bit is tearing down all the pro life Christian pregnancy resource center fliers that they put up around campus to try & trick people."

Trick people into... knowing their options? Feeling supported? 

Well, they ignored that tweet, but this one about hating an entire race and gender? That one appears to have gotten her in hot water. A College Democrats of Wisconsin spokesperson told Campus Reform, "She is no longer involved in the organization. She resigned and, as of this morning, is no longer a member of our executive board." 

Bye, Felicia.