Coldplay Releases Pro-Immigration Video with Imagery of Trump Resistance

From comfortably behind their walled mansions.

British pop-rock band Coldplay gets very political in its latest music video for the song Miracles (Someone Special) from their new five-song EP, Kaleidoscope. What could be a celebration of immigrants arriving in America to build a better life in our great nation instead turns sour when an image of a Muslim woman veiled in an American Flag turns up in the hands of a young girl.

The image of Munira Ahmed has been around since 2007 but resurged in January at the Women’s March against Trump. The photograph was turned into a poster by artist Shepard Fairey for activists to carry and he modeled it after the iconic Barack Obama “Hope” poster:

Ahmed is now considered the face of the Trump resistance movement and her poster has been carried by thousands of protesters and was plastered on the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post on Inauguration Day.

In Coldplay’s video, a little girl is seen looking at a full-page newspaper with the above image prominently displayed — clear propaganda with a nod to the Trump resistance and a statement against the president’s Muslim travel ban.

It’s not the only song on the EP that is about migrants. The song Aliens is an ode to refugees and was premiered by the band at the Global Citizen concert at the G-20 summit in Germany. Coldplay has promised all proceeds from the song will go to charities that support refugees entering Europe.

The lyrics show the naiveté of the Left:

Just an alien
Just an alien
Oh, we just want to get home again

Tell your leader
Sir or ma'am
We come in peace
We mean no harm

But Europe knows all too well that most of them do not want to go home again, not all of them have come in peace, and some have already done harm and will do so again.