CNN’s Don Lemon to Dan Rather: Trump Has a 'Racial Blind Spot'

"In his id, in his bone marrow, in his soul, where is Trump on race?"

CNN’s Don Lemon spoke with discredited former journalist Dan Rather today on Sirius Radio and discussed every leftist's obsession: Donald Trump‘s position on race.

"Where is Donald Trump on race?" Rather presumed to ask. "I mean, where is he really? In his id, in his bone marrow, in his soul, where is he on race?"

Apart from the fact that Don Lemon isn't capable of getting inside Trump's id or bone marrow to answer such a leading question, Lemon said he has twice talked about racism with Trump, who has declared himself "the least racist person."

Lemon isn't buying that. “I think Donald Trump believes as much as he can that he’s not racist. I think that he is not aware of his insensitivity towards race and towards people of color. And you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Lemon talked about how Trump’s birther answer during the presidential debate against Hillary Clinton was“insulting” not just to black people, but to “all thinking people.”

“If he was reaching out to people of color last night,” Lemon said, “he did the reverse.” He added that he can’t tell Rather one way or the other whether Trump is a racist, but he thinks Trump "has a racial blind spot."

Listen to the clip below: