CNN’s Chris Cuomo Skips Reporting to Question Trump’s Morality

More fake news, less facts. This is CNN.

On Tuesday, CNN host Chris Cuomo ditched his journalistic duties and instead pondered the moral agency of President Trump. 

“Moral agency is about what comes out of you at your core, okay?” Cuomo said in his coverage of the president’s speech on Afghanistan. But this wasn't a one-time thing. Throughout his program, he harped on the idea with lecture after lecture on having the proper morals. He spoke with U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, saying, “I want to talk to you about the top of the speech, because it seemed that the President was using it as an opportunity to go back a week and talk about what happened in Charlottesville and try to build up some of the moral agency that many people feel he surrendered last week.”

And when considering House Speaker Paul Ryan’s criticism of Trump after Charlottesville, Cuomo also wondered about Ryan, “Does he own the mantle of authority in moral agency?”

Later still, Cuomo said the following to Congressman Charlie Dent during their back and forth, “This isn't a policy debate. This is about moral agency and standing firm about what matters in America.” 

We find it rather amazing that after all the fake news CNN purposefully spread, that anyone on the payroll has the gall to question the morality of another person, especially Chris Cuomo. 

Newsbusters has the video: