More Fake News: Media Gloat Over Handshake Snub of Trump that Did Not Happen

How desperate can you get?

Need another example of fake news to silence the nonbelievers? Well, here you go.

Several journalists tried to make it out like Poland’s first lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, snubbed President Trump by refusing to shake his hand. As Newsbusters pointed out, Newsweek went all-caps with it’s headline: “WATCH DONALD TRUMP HANDSHAKE REJECTED BY POLISH FIRST LADY IN HILARIOUSLY AWKWARD EXCHANGE.” 

Writer Chris Riotta stated, “On Thursday, the world was once again blessed with an unusual, albeit hilarious, apparent slight, this time involving Trump and the first lady of Poland." 

USA Today writer Jessica Estepa’s headline followed suit: “Another awkward handshake overseas: President Trump left hanging as Polish first lady greets Melania.”

The Washington Post said the moment was “super awkward.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza may have had the biggest overreaction of them all, tweeting in all caps, “OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD” etc.

Cillizza and Estepa both used a shortened video clip which shows President Trump put out his hand to the Polish first lady, but instead she went over to Melania. In this edited format, it appears Trump’s hand was left out to dry. However, the full video shows that after Kornhauser-Duda shakes Melania’s hand, she turns and shakes Trump’s.

Newsweek later updated its story, stating, “The mildly awkward and humorously relatable exchange was just that, and no apparent swipe at the U.S. president.” Nice of you to notice!

Cillizza responded after learning he fell for yet another CNN nothing burger and said, “It was a funny video of a misunderstanding! Nothing more! The same thing has happened to me a billion times!”

So, are you saying that’s a billion false narratives you’ve reported for CNN, Chris? Yeah, we’ve noticed.

Here's the full video: