Man Holds Sign Across from Panhandlers: ‘Get a Job

Now, why didn't they think of that?

A retired man in Omaha, Nebraska, is taking a stand against panhandlers and is joining them at their favorite intersection with a sign that says, “Get a job!!”

Charles Logan, 66, said it was seeing his own son begging for money that inspired him to protest.

“That's really what hurt me, because I know that he didn't have to do that,” Logan said. “And a lot of people out here don't have to do it.”

"If you want money, go get a job and work for it,” he added.

Some of the panhandlers don’t agree with Logan’s sign and say getting a job is not that easy. One of them said Logan doesn’t understand their individual struggles with mental or physical health. 

Speaking to KETV7 news, panhandler Aaron Hansen, who was recently released from jail and has a history with drugs, said, “I'm a college graduate. I was raised by very, very respectable parents. I'm a decent person, you know? It's just a temporary thing, till I get back on my feet." Hansen was asked why he doesn’t just go to a homeless shelter. He said there’s too much “politics” at shelters and would rather beg for money.

Logan says panhandlers have attacked him several times, throwing drinks at him and threatening him with a knife. One panhandler recently sprayed him with mace, the report notes. But he remains intent on staying put and getting his message out: 

“This is my job. To tell them to get a job....This is what I believe. I believe that America needs to get back to working.

“That’s what America’s built off of — people that work, not people that beg.”

KETV7 has more video at its webpage.