CNN's Carol Costello Needs A Cigarette After Hearing About Palin Daughter's Assault

"You can thank me later."

On Wednesday, CNN anchor Carol Costello was absolutely thrilled and titillated by a bit of audio that the described as "possibly the best" that CNN was ever able to air. With a noticeable air of breathless excitement, Costello built up what was sure to be a hilarious and thrilling clip. As first reported at The Right Scoop, that audio that Costello could hardly wait to share was, in fact, police audio of Sarah Palin's daughter describing being assaulted.

This is absolutely typical behavior from the media with regard to the Palin family. Moreover, it is entirely typical of our east and left coast liberal overlords in general, and the women most in particular. Ever since 2008, liberals, progressives, Democrats [ whatever term they choose to call themselves, the self-appointed smart people - have not only regarded Palin as an easy target, they have seen her as an all but requisite one. You must take shots at her, you must laugh at her, you must hate her, or you are simply not one of them. You aren't hip. You aren't smart. So Costello felt totally comfortable mocking Palin's family, and her daughter being attacked by a strange man because, hey come on, it's just Palin. She's not a real person.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people.