CNN’s Amanpour Gives On-Air Bible Lesson to Push Gun Control Agenda

But ONLY when it fits the agenda.

The media frenzy over gun control is in full swing in the wake of the school shooting in Florida. Media figures are getting so desperate to reverse the Second Amendment that some are bringing out the big guns: the Bible, something they generally avoid like the plague.

CNN foreign correspondent Christiane Amanpour launched into an on-air Bible study on the first commandment Wednesday evening, shaming Americans for falling down and worshipping at the alter of the “gun gods:”

"The Bible warns us not to worship false gods. And yet, it does seem that much of America is indeed worshiping at the altar of the gun gods; hiding behind the Second Amendment, even fear-mongering, with false claims that those who want sensible, safe gun control are just trying to take their guns away.”

But see, that’s the problem. When a leftist says “sensible” gun control, what they mean is taking American's guns away. Just like recently when Republicans considered doing something about bump stocks, which were used in the Las Vegas massacre last year, Democrats responded and added silencers and high-capacity magazines  to their demands, because enough is never enough. Taking “action” to the Left means confiscating guns, or at best, restricting them to look nothing like what the 2A allows.

Amanpour added, “We watched [the school shooting] aghast from abroad, knowing that there are solutions and knowing that it’s not rocket science.”

She then cited said solutions — wait for it — both Britain and Australia confiscated guns after mass shootings there and, voila, “no more mass shootings.”

“The unbearable ordeal in Florida leads to the predictable hand-wringing, mass-media attention, thoughts and prayers, and tweets," she said. "And each time the question: will this be the one that changes the way we are?"

Watch below: