CNN Reporter Admits: We Report From a Progressive ‘Arc of History’

Alternative facts?

CNN reporter Dylan Byers admitted on air last Friday that the media report from a progressive "arc of history" defined by President Obama and Hillary Clinton. So, in other words, they circulate in "alternative facts?" Newsbusters provides a summary and the clip is featured above: 

The blogger Soopermexican noticed the Byers rare admission and published it on The Right Scoop. caught an amazing admission in the midnight hour on Friday morning, as CNN was beginning to mourn another Democrat loss in a special election for the House of Representatives. Media reporter Dylan Byers lamented that voters in Montana weren't even really paying attention to their incessant coverage of GOP candidate Greg Gianforte's violent treatment of Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the leftist British newspaper The Guardian, on the night before the election. Soopermexican writes: "I mean you have to hand it to him that he at least admits most reporters are stuck telling the story of the progressive future as envisioned by Obama and Hillary – that is an insight that most in the media seem physiologically incapable of making."

Except Byers is half-admitting it, that they tilt ever so slightly toward their "arc of history" bias, but it doesn't mean they favor Democrats. That they tilt away from "telling the story" of conservative Americans, when in reality they demonize conservative Americans with all the "isms" and "phobias" you can list. And worst of all, Byers says conservatives have "capitalized on waning trust" of the liberal media, instead of admitting that conservatives have exposed the liberal media, reported on and captured the liberal media inside their bubble.

The issue is that an admission means relatively nothing to progressives, because they are either: (a) completely oblivious to the real facts anyway; or (b) were always aware that they were propagating their own revisionist history and clearly do not care. If anything, they're proud of it because it serves their ends.