CNN: President Trump's 'Sh*thole' Comment Proves He is Racist

"The President seems to harbor racist feelings about people of color from other parts of the world."

The Left are relishing the opportunity to call President Trump racist, in light of his comments about immigration as reported by The Washington Post. According to sources present at a meeting in the Oval Office, Trump asked, "Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?” 

Trump denies using this language, but his point concerning the country's lack of a merit-based system used by countries such as Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia is a good one. But the Left aren't interested in good points; they're fixated on denigrating the Republican President, by any means necessary. Therefore, sound the alarms of racism.

On CNN's The Situation Room Thursday, correspondents and pundits hammered the President for purported remarks which proved, according to chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's left-wing agenda, that "the President seems to harbor racist feelings about people of color from other parts of the world."

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was eager to join the pile-on as well:

"It just shows that the President has racist views. How long do we have to dance around that issue?"

Interestingly, the panel made no effort to argue that certain countries aren't "sh*tholes." Rather, they focused on calling Trump a racist for speaking the truth. Acosta got in some more jabs:

"What these remarks reflect is that the President just seems to harbor some deep-seated racial attitudes about people of color coming from other parts of the world. He makes it very clear in these comments."

He makes it clear? Did Trump say anything about anyone's race? Nope. But don't confuse the Left with the facts. 

Political analyst Gloria Borger turned up the rhetoric, charging President Trump with not understanding...anything:

"This was disgraceful, it was disturbing, it was vulgar, it was alarming in every way. And this is a president who not only seems to understand his office of the presidency, but no understanding what America is, and who Americans are, and...what makes America great."

In the frenzied, leftist attack on President Trump, no one topped Phillip Mudd (pictured above) -- Obama's pick for Homeland Security intelligence chief -- whose rationale went so rogue it was baffling:

"I'm a proud sh*tholer. My family was called 'wops' and 'mackerel eaters.' We came from Italians and Irish."

Mudd was, of course, confusing racism with attitudes toward countries, which was the foundation of Trump's Oval Office comment, if Trump in fact said it. Mudd continued his absurd attempt at equivalency:

"A century ago, we called people 'slant-eyes' -- Chinese immigrants that we're now ashamed of speaking about in those terms because they came from a sh*thole country, and now they're a backbone of this country."

Wait -- was he saying China is a "sh*thole" country? Also, he called Chinese people "slant-eyes?" And when did the Chinese become a "backbone" of America? Mudd went further with his ridiculousness, going completely off the rails:

"In the 1940's, we called people traitors because they came from a sh*thole country called Japan."

Uhhh, no, we didn't. Japan was vilified because they attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.


Mudd lamented:

"We called people...from Central America 'spics' and 'wetbacks.'"

What in the world did this have to do with Donald Trump?

Mudd finally wrapped it up, with a baseless insult to President Trump and his supporters. Apparently, he got so lost in his lunacy that he forgot that he isn't Hispanic:

"The President is growing this country on the backbone of bigotry that comes from when I saw my family called 'spics,' 'wops,' and 'mackerel eaters.' We should be ashamed."

Mudd was right about one thing: for his ludicrous attempt to link Trump's comments on failed countries with racism, he -- like his CNN cohorts -- should be ashamed. What sh*tholes.


Photo by Alan Light on / CC BY