CNN Gushes Over Hefner Two Weeks After Female Host Was Mortified Guest Said ‘Boobs’

Hef's name is synonymous with "boobs."

CNN can’t figure out if it is for or against the objectification of women.

With the news of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner dying at age 91, CNN spent Thursday slathering on praise for the “cultural icon,” “the legend of ‘Hef,’” and his “legacy.” That “legacy” includes 60 years of surrounding himself with buxom beauties, three marriages, hosting wild orgies at his bordello, and publishing nude pictures of women every month to the delight of millions of ogling eyes, some often too young to be exposed to such lusts. He built an empire on the literal backs of naked ladies purely for the sexual gratification of men. That is against all the rules on the Left, but not so much for CNN apparently.

Not only was the front page of CNN's website plastered with stories about the "iconic playboy," the celebration continued on-air, as well. New Day hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo were all smiles after viewing a segment dedicated to the smut peddler.

“Wow, what a history, what a look back,” Camerota gushed. “I mean, the changing worries, obviously, of the country and the times. Also, he gets to work in a bathrobe which I applaud. A silk bathrobe!”

Cuomo delved even deeper into how "ahead of his time" Hefner was:

“Very early on, he agreed to excerpt a story called The Crooked Man in one of his magazines. It was a great play on bigotry. It was about heterosexual men who are oppressed in a homosexual society. People went crazy and sent him all these letters and he said, ‘If it’s wrong to oppress the heteros in a homo world, then it’s just as wrong to do that to homosexuals in a heterosexual [world].’ And it blew people’s minds, and it’s a great window into where Hefner was. He was ahead of his time with fairness.”

“Fascinating,” Camerota added.

But let’s rewind the CNN tapes to just two weeks ago to when host Brooke Baldwin could barely finish an interview because her guest said “boobs” on air. Sports radio host Clay Travis said he only believes in two things, “The First Amendment and boobs,” adding that those are the only two things in this country that’s never let him down. That leveled Baldwin, who was very offended to be in the presence of such a word, that was not even directed at her, especially as a woman in 2017.

“Why would you even say that live on national television with a female host?” Baldwin protested. “Why would you even go there?”

Here is how CNN links to this video at their site:

Here is the must-watch segment:


So, which is it CNN? Either celebrate boobs like “Hef,” who was "ahead of his time with fairness," or condemn the objectification of women. You can’t have it both ways.