CNN: Don’t Get Married, You’ll Be Happier, Thinner, and Have More Sex

They've been right about so many things lately...

CNN is happy to report that marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that “there’s never been a better time to be single.”

Psychologist Bella DePaulo argues that 2017 became the “banner year” for studies that challenge everything we’ve ever thought about marriage. She says the results are right on time because of the rise in unmarried adults in the U.S., now at 110 million including widowed, divorced, and single.

“New insights just kept coming: on sex and dating, on self-esteem, on what it means to be an adult,” she writes. 

Another trend occurring is people waiting much longer to tie the knot — almost age 30 for men and age 27 for women. Pew research suggests that when millennials reach 50, a quarter of them will have been single their entire life.

“Demographically, single people are more powerful than ever before," DePaulo states.

The article claims that “marriage is no longer considered a key part of adulthood” like it was a half-century ago. Now we’ve reached the age where having a full-time job and a college degree is more important than starting a family.

The single trend is dipping into high school-aged Americans, too, where dating is at it’s lowest as well as promiscuous sex among teens. The same thing can't be said about single adults who are “having more sex than married people.”

DePaulo adds that marriage leads to worse health: 

“A relationship doesn't mean higher self-esteem and marriage doesn't mean better health.”

She says the “mythology of marriage” has been shaken to the core. One study took the measurements of women with different relationship statuses and found that “the women who married gained more weight and drank more than those who stayed single.” Likewise, divorced women had smaller waist lines and generally took better care of themselves.

“It's a powerful blow — one of many — against the notion that marriage is the ideal way to live. For a long time, we've accepted the idea that unless they hurry up and marry, single adults will stay sexless and unhappy until they die (and sooner, at that),” DePaulo concludes. “But it seems single people don't scare so easily anymore — in unprecedented numbers, they are going ahead and living their single lives, which are often healthier and more fulfilling than those of their coupled counterparts. In 2017, finally, the weight of the scientific evidence from the most sophisticated studies was on their side.”

Well, CNN has been right about so many things in 2017, why doubt the words written in this article? Jeff Zucker knows best!