CNN Debate Earns 'NFL-Level Ratings'

Americans tuning in to the GOP

The initial numbers for CNN's Republican primary debate indicate that while it didn't quite beat out Fox News' record-breaking first debate, it is likely "the highest-rated event in CNN's history."

CNN Money reports that the preliminary Nielsen ratings showed the network grabbing an average of a 14.7 household rating. In other words, 1 out of every 7 American households watched the leading Republican candidates contend for the presidency. 

CNN notes that this is "NFL-level ratings" and that while the Fox debate earned a 16 household rating, the second debate was an hour longer, which likely detracted from its average viewership number. 

Based on Fox's total viewer numbers, which included online viewers, the CNN debate was likely watched by well over 20 million. 

As for who won: Fiorina and Trump are earning the top spots in most polls. IJ Review's survey has Fiorina winning by 8 points overall, and by 16 points among women. 


Among men: 

Among women: