CNN Blasts Bob Schieffer for ‘Normalizing’ Trump Through Compliments

There shall be no compliments of this president on the Clinton News Network.

Does CNN have a zero-tolerance policy for complimenting President Trump? Apparently so.

Leftist news legend and former Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer broke rank and dared to speak highly of Trump, bringing accusations from CNN that he was “normalizing” the president.

In regards to his speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, Schieffer said Trump “sounded presidential” and gave “a dignified speech.” 

“He sounded like someone who had actually thought about what he was going to say before he said it,” Schieffer, obviously offering some backhanded compliments.

CNN’s John Berman responded, “You know, Bob, though, that there will be people who look at that last comment you made and say, you’re normalizing the president.”

“You’re saying because he met this admittedly very low bar for not sounding foolish, in fact, he was in fact presidential,” Berman added. “What would you say to criticism like that?”

“Well, I’m not trying to normalize him in any way,” Schieffer said. “I’m trying to do what reporters do, and that is, report and try to emphasize what I think was important here.”

Yeah, CNN. You should try it sometime.

H/T Legal Insurrection