Sister of Assassinated Police Officer Blasts de Blasio

“This is just horrible and the mayor [Bill de Blasio] has to do something for this madness to stop..."

The vilification and targeting of law enforcement members has reached a fever pitch -- first under the stewardship of President Obama, and exarcerbated under local leaders like NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio. 

Now at least, the sister of murdered NYPD police officer Miosotis Familia is demanding de Blasio do more to protect the city's law enforcement members, and is taking him to task. The NY Post reports:

“This is just horrible and the mayor [Bill de Blasio] has to do something for this madness to stop,” Adriana Sanchez, 39, told reporters.

“They have to do something to protect the police officers,” Sanchez fumed, adding that the city should have funded the bullet-proofing of windows on NYPD vehicles “a long time ago.”

The de Blasio administration said earlier this year that it’s planning to spend $10.4 million to outfit only NYPD patrol cars with bullet-resistant window inserts – a move that followed the slaying of two officers in their patrol vehicle in Brooklyn in late 2014.

Familia, 48, was sitting inside a mobile command van in The Bronx when she was fatally shot through the passenger-side window by 34-year-old cop hater Alexander Bonds at around 12:30 a.m.

The 12-year police veteran and mother of three recently switched to the overnight shift as a way to spend more time with her kids over the summer, Sanchez said.

“She just switched like three weeks ago…to spend the daytime with the kids, vacation time,” she said, noting that it was Familia’s “dream” to be a cop.

“She loved it. That’s what her dream was, to become a police officer,” Sanchez said. “She said she wanted to protect the city from all those crazies, and look what happened.”

Familia lived with her and Sanchez’s 86-year-old mother, who is recovering from oral cancer, in the Kingsbridge section of The Bronx.

“She’s distraught,” Sanchez said of their mother.

Familia, one of 10 siblings, had three children, two of whom are 12-year-old twins.

“They are numb. They were like ‘who’s going to take care of us now?’” Sanchez said, adding that she is also “totally numb.”

“I don’t believe this is happening…This is a nightmare,” said Sanchez who described her sister as “hardworking” and “always a very happy person.”

"I am so grateful to the NYPD, they’ve been so supportive," she added. "God bless them and keep them safe always."

If only their mayor felt the same way...