CNN’s Camerota Miffed After GOP Rep Says She’s Being Played by Trump’s Tweets

The truth visibly hurts.

Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) didn’t hold back on his Monday appearance on CNN’s New Day. He told co-anchor Alisyn Camerota that she, and all of media, in fact, is being played by President Trump’s tweets and should be covering stories that matter. One thing is for sure, Camerota didn’t like being told how to do her job.

Camerota began the segment talking about Trump’s latest Twitter post showing him pummeling a CNN logo at a Wrestlemania event some years ago. She pointed out that the president retweeted the video from a racist account that posts anti-Semitic messages, as if that implicates Trump being in agreement. But Taylor just laughed and got down to the nitty gritty:

“Well, I don’t know anything about what you just said, in terms of whose account it was or anything like that. I have no idea. I’ve been critical of the president’s tweets before, but if I could give some objective advice to you, I think you guys are getting played, man. 

“I think every time he does this, you guys overreact, and I say you guys — I mean the media in general — you overreact and you play right into his hands.”

Taylor said it’s ironic that CNN would be complaining about this particular tweet after criticizing Trump during the campaign and accusing him of learning politics from the World Wrestling Federation. 

Camerota was hoping to have the next word, but Taylor told her to hold on one second: “I’ve watched your segments and you keep talking about this. There’s tons of news out there. Let’s talk about real issues.”

But the co-host rebutted with saying Trump sent it from the official @POTUS account which makes them official statements and that’s why they are reporting on it.

“Thank you, I accept your career advice,” Camerota said begrudgingly, but couldn’t stop talking about the president's tweet, thus proving Taylor correct.

“Are you saying that we should begin, now, ignoring all the president’s tweets?” Camerota asked surprised.

What Taylor actually suggested was that CNN post the amount of time it has spent on negative coverage of Trump. Not gonna happen, Camerota said: “Congressman, that is a — forgive me — a crazy suggestion.”

Watch the segment above.