Chris Matthews: Trump 'Insane,' 'ISIS is Not Going to Take Over' U.S.

“What level of reality is he talking about?”

During the opening segment of Wednesday night’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews and his panel that included WaPo‘s Robert Costa, Republican strategist John Brabender and NYT‘s Yalmiche Alcindor discussed the newly-released New York Times report on allegations from two women that presidential nominee Donald Trump had touched them inappropriately. As reported by Mediaite, Matthews ultimately moved the discussion to Trump’s rally in Ocala, Florida earlier in the day where he mentioned that a Hillary presidency would result in an ISIS victory over America.

“Now that’s insane,” Matthews bellowed. “ISIS is not going to take over the United States.”

Well, of course not. Not in a military coup, anyway, and not ISIS itself. But the White House and Homeland Security are already swimming in Muslim officials and Muslim Brotherhood-connected operatives. An eventual takeover of the White House by Islamic fundamentalists would not require a front-door assault by ISIS. All it would require is the slow, fundamental transformation of American culture, which is already underway. Having Hillary in the Oval Office -- a woman who has already actively assisted the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in its aim of criminalizing Islamophobia -- would continue to facilitate that transformation.

Matthews then played the clip which showed Trump saying the following about ISIS: “They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States. They’ll take over not only that part of the world, they’ll take over this country and this part of the world.”

An incredulous Matthews asked the panel, “At what level is this true? What level of reality is he talking about?”

Brabender went on to try to explain Trump's comment as a strategy of "winning ugly," but in fact it's not unreasonable to envision ISIS hoping that Hillary will win and to envision Islamic fundamentalists ultimately achieving their aim of collapsing Western civilization from within -- not immediately, mind you, the way Matthews unsophisticatedly perceived Trump's threat, but gradually. But Matthews, like the rest of the willfully blind left, is ignorant about the aims of our enemy.

Check out the video at Mediaite here.