Chris Matthews: Brilliant Hillary Hits 'Home Run' at Debate, It's Over

It was "A Few Good Men" and Clinton was Tom Cruise

It makes you wonder if we all watched the same debate. 

Most reasonable people on both the right and left seem to agree that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton hit it out of the park during Monday evening's first presidential debate. They each had a few good moments, and of course Clinton was helped immensely by debate moderator Lester Holt's biased line of questioning, which focused on a myriad so-called Trump "scandals," but not an iota of time on the former Secretary of State's. In fact, given the uphill battle he had to wage against both Hillary and the debate moderator, we believe Trump did a decent job bringing up several of his rival's failings and transgressions.  

In particular, Trump reminded the audience of Hillary's email fiasco; of her support for TPP and business regulation; that Clinton "people" including longtime friend Sydney Blumenthal were the originators of the Obama "birther" rumor; that stop and frisk was not ruled unconstitutional -- as both Clinton and the moderator asserted -- and that it was a huge success; and that Clinton's policies in the Middle East gave birth to ISIS, among other issues. 

Watching last evening's analysis of the debate, however, mainstream outlets handed the "win" to Clinton. In fact, MSNBC's resident Clinton sycophant Chris Matthews even declared Hillary winner of the presidential election after what he called her "home run" Monday night.

Matthews compared the debate showing to the movie A Few Good Men, with Clinton being the protagonist Tom Cruise and Trump being Jack Nicholson (video featured above courtesy of Newsbusters): 

I thought it was a shutout for Hillary. Kellyanne Conway said it was going to be --- that her candidate, Trump, was the home run debater, the babe Ruth of debaters. I counted home runs tonight, 5-0. Hillary hit him on everything, on his tax returns, failure too release them, hit him hard on stiffing his suppliers, hit him the birther issue. Very strong. Lester asked tough questions about racial issues, policing. He couldn’t answer them. She gave a great answer and her fifth home run was her brilliant close. She cleaned his clock tonight. It was a bit embarrassing for Trump. I thought a bit that I was watching A Few Good Men and she was Tom Cruise and he was Jack Nicholson. It was not close. It was over tonight. Very clear result. Hillary won big time. It was a shutout. 

While true, our personal biases reflect who we may have favored during the debate, pundits truly have lost all attachment to objectivity... and reality. Again, it makes us wonder if we all watched the same debate last night. 

Was it a stellar night for Trump? Hardly. Was it "embarrassing" as Matthews said and "cartoonish" (as NBC's Chuck Todd said during his debate analysis)? Hardly. And it definitely wasn't a "home run" for Hillary that ensured her seat in the Oval Office.