Chicago Zoo Handing Out Condoms to Save the Environment Against Overpopulation

“Wrap with care… save the polar bear.”

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago has an intimate gift for guests at Thursday’s Adults Night Out event: free condoms. Each package is colorfully decorated with drawings of endangered species and a rhyming message, like “Wrap with care… save the polar bear” and “For the sake of the horned lizard… slow down, love wizard.”

The “Endangered Species Condoms” will be distributed by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), a non-profit environmental activist organization out of Tucson, Arizona.

Sarah Baillie, a population and sustainability intern at the CBD, warns that overpopulation is putting a strain on natural resources and destroying animal life -- thus the condoms.

“More conscious family planning can be an effort to help wildlife," the intern said.

"As our population grows, and urban sprawl and agricultural development destroy wild spaces, species we know and love pay the price," Baillie added. "People may recognize that we're crowding out monarch butterflies and horned lizards, but they often don't realize that there's a big way individuals can make a difference" -- stop having children, apparently.

The organization calls this new educational outreach program Pillow Talk, reports the Chicago Tribune, and is coming to other zoos, science centers, and museums across the country. There will be a biologist on hand to discuss the mating rituals within the animal kingdom and visitors will be invited to play a board game and learn how to save the planet through changing daily behaviors like using public transportation, refraining from eating meat, recycling, and of course, not making babies. Only animals should do that.