Chicago Approaching its 600th Homicide for the Year

Is the gun control crowd paying attention to this city’s weekly death toll?

The Chicago Tribune keeps track of the number of homicides for the Windy City and is close to adding the 600th for the year.

Thirty people were shot over the weekend, five fatally, bringing the total number of murders to 593 as of Monday. Now, the Chicago Police Department employs slightly different accounting. Its numbers don’t include homicides on expressways, fatal shootings by police, or justified homicide. Taking out those, the CPD tabulates 581 homicides for the year — still extremely high.

The Tribune reports:

Last year saw gun violence at levels not recorded since the late 1990s. This year has not been as bad, but the last time the city hit 600 homicides was 2003, and that was for the entire year, according to statistics kept by the Chicago Police Department...

Shootings have shown the same trend: This year trails last year but not other recent years. Nearly 3,200 people have been shot so far in 2017, down from the roughly 3,800 shot this time last year.  That's compared to 2,609 at this time in 2015, 2,208 in 2014, 1,923 in 2013 and 2.162 in 2012, according to Tribune data.

For perspective, 600 people dead due to gun violence in Chicago is the same carnage as if there had been 23 Texas church shootings, 10 Las Vegas massacres, or over 70 vehicular jihad attacks like we just saw in New York City. But are the same people calling for massive gun control laws after just one of those incidents making the same plea every week in Chicago? Are they even paying attention?


Photo credit: Noora_AT via / CC BY-NC