Chelsea Handler Issues Absurd Apology on Behalf of Trump Administration

We’re still waiting on her to make good on her promise to move out of the country.

Talk show host Chelsea Handler has been one of the angriest and most hateful anti-Trumpers on the Left, attacking not only Donald Trump personally, but also First Lady Melania’s accent and their children. 

In her latest episode of Chelsea on Netflix, the “comedienne” launched into an apology on behalf of President Trump’s administration for ending Obama’s DACA program.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire Trump administration,” Handler said. “We’re sorry for making it clear that white supremacists and Nazis are welcome in this country while young, hardworking immigrants brought here as children are not.”

“The average Dreamer got here at the age of 6, was raised in the US, and knows no other country than this one,” the rant continued. “Dreamers are our coworkers, our neighbors and our friends.”

They are also soldiers and first responders to hurricane victims, she added, “These young people are the American dream.”

Handler went on to compare the “99% of Dreamers who have no criminal record,” with Trump’s “crimes”:

“That means they have never obstructed justice, colluded with Russia, defrauded people through a fake university, funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into their businesses, falsely accused people of wiretapping them, carelessly talked to a Korean dictator with nuclear weapons, bragged about sexual assault, or pardoned a racist maniac.”

There’s that deep-seated anger we were talking about and her audience ate it up.

The host then directed her viewers to visit and let their reps know they support DACA children. Handler also urged them to go on Twitter and tell the president “to start drafting his resignation tweet.”

“Maybe, fingers crossed,” she added gleefully.

Handler has yet to apologize to America for not being funny or entertaining in any way.

In addition, she hasn't moved to Spain or Canada like she promised. Perhaps she could invite some DACA kids to go with her and she can show them all that compassion she keeps bragging about: