Celebs Furious Over Devos Confirmation: 'Declared War on Our Children'

"Even the worst countries don't sh–t on their own kids."

Now that Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as President Trump's Secretary of Education, the left finally understands that all their tantrum throwing and "p–ssy hat"-wearing has gotten them nowhere. What are they doing about it? Throwing more tantrums, albeit sans "p–ssy hats."

Celebrities from Avengers director Joss Whedon – the man who called Ivanka Trump a dog – pounded their iPhones so hard after DeVos clinched the confirmation it yielded into a statement on Twitter. 

According to documentary propagandist Michael Moore, America officially became the "worst" country by confirming DeVos, since "the worst countries don't sh–t on their own kids." Moore has clearly never been to North Korea, though he has been to Cuba, and liked it. By that account, Moore officially believes that malnourished kids living under a 24/7 police state doesn't come close to the brutality of giving them school choice. Deez some strange times, Mr. Bojangles.

Comedian Andy Richter (Conan O'Brien's sidekick) also had something to say about it, but this is a man who previously expressed "eternal" gratitude for the abortion of his unborn child. Such are the smug Hollywood moralists who claim to care about the next generation. War on children, indeed. 

Here are some of the opinions our cultural betters shared with us from their thrones on Mount Olympus: