Celebrity Client Sues Gloria Allred for Malpractice

It's about time.

If it were about any other attorney, we likely wouldn't cover a story like this at TruthRevolt, but Gloria Allred is a special case. The ambulance chaser has made a living out of extorting (mainly conservative) politicians, presidential candidates, and celebrities alike. She and her daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom, represent the lowest common denominator in our society and are the type of people who give the legal profession a bad name. 

Fortunately, Kyle Hunter, a local CBS weatherman, is suing Allred for "malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud by intentional misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress," according to a LawNewz report.  He is seeking $1 million dollars in damages: 

Kyle Hunter, a local television weatherman, hired Allred to go after CBS for allegedly discriminating against him in favor of younger, attractive female meteorologists. His lawsuit filed on Tuesday contends Allred botched his legal case, and didn’t properly notify him that she was working with CBS to produce a legal drama inspired by her life — an obvious conflict of interest, he claims.

“As Allred negotiated in secret a TV deal for herself with CBS during the Hunter lawsuit, the malpractice in her handling of the case led to a near- seven-figure legal bill for Hunter, a sunk suit against CBS, and an impaired reputation for Hunter,” the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior County, reads.

Hunter contends that Allred, and other attorneys at her firm including Michael Maroko and John West failed to interview witnesses, and provide affidavits in his suit, which would have greatly bolstered his case. As a result, he contends, a trial court found in favor of CBS, and ordered Hunter to pay attorney’s fees and costs which amounted to $800,000. The lawsuit claims that Allred told Hunter that he had contacted witnesses “but Hunter knew that was a lie. These witnesses were Hunter’s friends, people he had worked with for years, and they told him they were not contacted.”

“Allred sandbagged her client to serve her personal pecuniary interests, her penchant for public fame, and to protect the malfeasance of her media allies. Allred needs to spend less time in front of a TV camera, and more time in an ethics library,” the court paperwork reads. The lawsuit was filed by Robert Barnes, a California based attorney, who also contributes legal opinion pieces to LawNewz.com.

The legal action comes on the heels of recent reports that Allred is under investigation by the State Bar of California. [...]According to a letter from the State Bar of California viewed by LawNewz.com, her case has been forwarded to the State Bar’s Enforcement Unit for further investigation and possible prosecution.

While there have been decent people Allred has represented in the past, her unscrupulous, frivolous, and quite frankly extortionate litigious practices have overshadowed any good she may have done during her career. Let her answer for at least some of that.