Celebrities Run to Safe Spaces Instead of Watching Trump SOTU

They just couldn't even.

Hollywood’s worst nightmare occurred on Tuesday evening when its nemesis, Donald J. Trump, delivered his first State of the Union address. Some tried to make it through, others didn’t watch at all, but every last one of them plugged their ears and retreated to their safe spaces.

Of course, the triggered just had to let everyone know about it on Twitter:

Feminist actress Jessica Chastain encouraged her followers to “#WatchRoseNotTrump.” Rose McGowan’s documentary about her #MeToo fight, Citizen Rose, was playing on E! at the same time.

For the few celebrities that did watch, their Twitter feeds erupted with expected criticism:

Two comedians tweeted pictures of their paintings to send their anti-Trump message, Jim Carrey and Rosie O’Donnell:


Poor things. They just hate to see the country doing so well.

H/T Breitbart