CBS's Charlie Rose Cites 'Lock Her Up' as Leading to Political Violence

That’s the only example he could come up with?

Charlie Rose opined on CBS Wednesday about the “coarse political rhetoric” that has ramped up to Wednesday’s attack on Republican congressmen, but when coming up with an example, he could only remember one made famous at Trump’s rallies.

Rose was speaking with Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes about the “raucous town meetings” held by the GOP which were constantly interrupted by loud-mouthed leftists not interested in debate. Cordes reminded how many reps were hussled out and taken out a back door to get away from the sinister mobs, noting it was hard to determine who was practicing their First Amendment rights and who was prepared to get violent. 

“Clearly, the level in combativeness was more apparent than ever,” Rose added.

But then, when he thought of an example, he could recall only the one shouted quite often against Hillary Clinton:

“Clearly, we saw that during the campaign, which people talk about things like, you know, ‘lock her up,’ and we saw some of the most crude political language that we’d heard, even though there’s a long history of political attacks in American politics since the Founding Fathers. We did see expressions that we had not heard before. This has been a season of, sort of, coarse political rhetoric.”

For all the actual violence perpetrated by black-clad leftists and other rioters, that’s the best Rose could do?