CBS News’ Deceptive Headline Pegs Grocery Store as Major Firearms Dealer

Yes, Kroger is KNOWN for its fine selection of Keebler cookies and Sig Sauers.

CBS News deceived readers on Thursday by reporting that the nation’s largest grocery store chain has stopped selling guns and ammunition to those 21 and under. Kroger did make that announcement, following Dick’s Sporting Goods’ and Walmart’s lead, however, a tiny fact that makes a world of difference in the reporting was left out.

Kroger owns Fred Meyer, which is a one-stop-shopping center like Walmart, and sells sporting goods, grocery items, produce, and other goods. There are only 43 Fred Meyer locations in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. But the way CBS News made it out, you can pick up your favorite sidearm next to the lettuce at your friendly neighborhood Kroger:


The deception worked. Just look at the responses:





And it goes on and on.

Though the actual report in the link clarifies the detail that the policy change is at Fred Meyer supercenters, CBS News still titled it, "Kroger stops gun sales to those under 21." Besides, we all know most readers never bother to read the article, they just react to the headline. Good work, CBS, but you didn't fool everyone: