CBS Fawns Over New Obama Photo Book

"This is as good of a picture as I've ever seen!"

The official photographer for Barack Obama has released a new book of photos of the former President, and CBS This Morning co-hosts Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose fawned all over the images on Monday.

O’Donnell called the book “beautiful,” while Rose preferred “fantastic” to describe the cover photo of the most divisive President in modern history. A similar book, focused on Michelle Obama, was released just a few weeks ago; that photo album was deemed “picture perfect” by the gushing ABC.

About Pete Souza’s Obama:  An Intimate Portrait, O’Donnell rhapsodized to the author:

“It's a beautiful book. It’s really well done, and I love the forward...You were a constant presence and chronicler of history!” 

About the cover photo of the most fiscally irresponsible president in history, Rose nearly lifted off his chair with amore:

“This is as good of a picture as I've ever seen of the President! That’s a fantastic photograph. Do you have one that you think identifies or sort of portrays the President better than any other single photograph here that captures him?”

In the midst of the hosts' love affair with the book and its subject, O'Donnell asked Souza about his recent affinity, via the internet, for demeaning one certain President:

“You've taken a more visible role, and on Instagram I've noticed -- in the words of some young troll President Trump.” 

Souza responded:

“I mean I think the -- the photographs that I post on Instagram now and the words that I write, I think, speak for themselves." 

A photo was shown of Obama at a podium before the press. The caption read:

"How a President normally engages with the press. (Or is it:  How a normal President engages with the press.)"

How does a normal talk show engage with a president's photographer?  If the president is left-wing Barack Obama, they gush with all the idolatry of a brainwashed people for their dictator.