CBS Drama: Men's Rights, Misogynistic Murder Go Hand-in-Hand

"Whoever this guy is, he's a real gem...he mostly seems to hang out at basketball and MMA forums."

In CBS’s new drama Wisdom of the Crowd, feminism gets a glowing endorsement while the men's rights movement is smeared as violent and misogynist. 

In Sunday’s episode, an online platform for crime reporting called Sophe takes on the case of Lizzie, a feminist blogger who is subject to the ire of hateful men. One such rabid, violent misogynist has broken into her home and spray-painted messages such as #DieSlut all over her walls.

The vandalization is discovered when Lizzie and her boyfriend Tariq, who works for Sophe, return after a night out. They take the mystery to Sophe headquarters, where other employees ponder potential suspects:

Sara: So, you can't think of who might have done this?

Lizzie: Actually, there could be a lot of people. Take a look at these messages.

Sara: "Your feminazi agenda must be stopped.” “You better pray I don't find you.” “You're too ugly to rape.” “Getting rid of you would be doing the world a favor." Oh, my God. Why would anyone send these to you?

Lizzie: I have a blog. May I? It's about dating in the digital age. I post the worst messages that men send on dating apps. It's called "Bro Means No.”

Cavanaugh: What kind of messages?

Lizzie: Oh, requests for naked selfies, guys sending us photos of their junk. Cursing us out because we won't go on dates with them. Stuff like that.

Tariq: I've seen some of it. It's... really disturbing.

Sara: And you think these death threats are because of your blog?

Lizzie: Oh, no, I'm sure of it. I always got disturbing comments, but then "a few" turned into "hundreds." And then I started getting e-mails and texts, too.

Tariq: Why didn't you tell me any of this?

Lizzie: I don't know. I mean, why would I? Getting threats on a feminist blog is not new or shocking.

Tariq: But texts and e-mails are.

Lizzie: It was all online, so it didn't feel real. But this is.

Lizzie stays at Tariq’s to be safe, during which her dangerous stalker phones in an anonymous tip to the police, resulting in a SWAT team storming the premises because Tariq is Muslim. Therefore, although sexism is ultimately the culprit, Islamophobia is the first suspect.

Eventually, the crew gets a lead: a Sophe user reports that she came upon an online job opportunity which would require her to post “awful, threatening comments” to Lizzie’s blog.

Some investigation guides the group to the online profile of the man who posted the job opening, and Tariq describes the suspect: “Whoever this guy is, he's a real gem -- lot of sexist hot takes on movies, a couple of obnoxious restaurant reviews, and he mostly seems to hang out at basketball and MMA forums.” Doesn’t sound like a left-wing Pajama Boy, so he obviously must hate women.

Lizzie recognizes the guy as a jilted ex-boyfriend, and as it turns out, he hired the violent stalker “drchad89" to harass her. When Dr. Chad became obsessed with hating Lizzie and took it to the next level, her ex threatened to turn him in, so Dr. Chad murdered him.

Sophe employee Josh discovers more about Dr. Chad. "He spends most of his time on men's rights forums." Pure evil!

Tariq: The old he-man Woman Hater's Club. "Only cucks let feminazis dictate to them. Real men are the victims of feminist culture. Just look at suicide rates and homelessness rates. It's time to take our power back.”

Sara: So, he's some kind of misogynist zealot.

When the stalker is ultimately nabbed by the cops, he shouts to Lizzie, “Welcome home, you little whore! You think men are so pitiful? Let's see what you think when I give you what you deserve.”

So the social justice message for the day is: feminists (and Muslims, who support "women's rights" and date feminists) are hip victims of irrational, rage-filled men who feel threatened and have to overcompensate with men's rights hate, vile rhetoric, and outright murder.

Now imagine the leftist outrage if the sexes in this episode were reversed.