CBS and Refinery29 Want to ‘Empower All Women' - So Long As They're Leftist

On Tuesday, CBS This Morning announced its partnership with website Refinery29 for a new millennial series titled “M[Y] Generation.” The following day, Piera Gelardi, executive creative director and co-founder, described the site for the CBS roundtable as “a platform that’s really meant to celebrate and empower all women.”  

"Empower?" Cue the red flags...




As par for the course, “empower all women” is rife with caveats. The site is decidedly left-wing, one of its current features — The True Beauty of Gigi Gorgeous — selling, “Gigi Gorgeous is one of the most visible and accessible trans women in the world. But that doesn’t mean she wants to be anyone’s role model.” Furthering the ideological divide, what if you’re a pro-life woman? Refinery29 doesn’t want you empowered: an article on those preferring life to abortion describes pro-lifers as “in-your-face angry protestors outside abortion clinics waving pictures of dead fetuses.” The site called crisis pregnancy centers “deceptive and unregulated.” Furthermore, a piece by the co-directors of Reproaction — a leftist organization for “increasing abortion access” — accused crisis pregnancy centers of “masquerad[ing] as reliable sources of medical information and assistance for pregnant women, while instead offering a front space for expressing opposition to abortion.”  

Another group shunned by Refinery29? Women who vote Republican. Modern Family actress Ariel Winter told the site, “Thanks to Donald Trump, we’re being objectified and made to feel bad about ourselves.” The site’s anti-Trump message was further ham-fisted by writer Andrea Gonzalez in a May article outlining the impeachment process for ousting President Trump:

“Legal analysts have said Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice — either by the Justice Department or Congress…After all, this was one of the charges brought against Clinton (the other was perjury).”

Nonetheless — and as expected for the Left — Refinery29’s mission statement laughably trumpets “optimism and inclusivity.”  As usual, “inclusivity” only includes you if you tow the line of leftist politics. Otherwise, you’re out, baby.

CBS says it wants to empower women. But the first step to actually empowering them is the one thing the network — and Refinery29 — would never dare do: tell them to think for themselves.