Carly Fiorina Calmly Roasts Fox News Then Blasts Them


Carly Fiorina appeared on Fox News today and blasted them for their biased coverage of the 2016 primary election. Her calm delivery only underscored her devastating honesty.

It is no secret even among Trump supporters that the media give him loads of free air time. He has bragged about this fact many times on stage, pointing out that he doesn't have to run ads because his "movement" is news all by itself. But among detractors this is a serious point of contention.

Moreover, it is an absolute exhibition of media bias of the sort we at TruthRevolt attack routinely. The cable networks daily run hours and hours of Trump campaign stumping, delivering his sales pitch to millions while pushing actual news and the other candidates onto the backburner. Between Sean Hannity turning his own program into a Trump infomercial nearly every night, Bill O'Reilly begging for Trump scraps, and hours of free air time for Donald, Fox News is in danger of becoming Trump's personal cable channel.

Carly has had just about enough of that. Not only does she let Fox have it in the above video, but when Bill Hemmer tries to excuse Fox's pro-Trump bias, she twists the knife. 



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