Car Plows Through Ferguson Protestors, Shots Fired at Michael Brown Memorial Protest

"Hit him, and he rolled and he bounced."

On the second anniversary of Michael Brown's death, a car plowed through a crowd of protestors, hitting a participant and knocking him down. The protestors were blocking the street and witnesses said the protestor was hit so hard, he flew into the air.

"A lady came down and hit a protester - knocked the shoes off his feet," said Sharon Cowan, who was at the scene. "Hit him, and he rolled and he bounced."

Graphic video provided to AP by Heather De Mian, who was at the scene and frequently livestreams protests in the St. Louis area, appeared to corroborate the witnesses' account, showing a man hit and thrown several feet as others nearby shriek.

The victim appeared badly injured and was taken to the hospital.

Shots are heard on the video less than one minute after the car struck the young man. Witnesses say the gunfire was aimed at the car, which was later found with bullet holes.

A city spokesman said police did not believe the driver intentionally hit the protestor.  

Spokesman Jeff Small told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that police said, "By all accounts, her version of what happened seems to fit the version of what happened to a person driving down a busy West Florissant Avenue and not seeing a person standing there."

No one in the car was injured.