Canada's Trudeau: 'Being Open and Respectful' Will Defuse Islamic Terrorism

Yeah, that should work.

TruthRevolt reported earlier on liberal Prime Canadian Minister Justin Trudeau's 60 Minutes interview last Sunday in which he condescendingly declared, among other things, that Americans need to pay more attention to world affairs. Also in that interview, the dreamy young Trudeau announced that being "open and respectful" to the Muslim world is a better security strategy than "big walls and oppressive policies.”

As The Daily Wire reports, during the interview with CBS' Lara Logan in advance of his upcoming trip to meet President Obama in Washington D.C., Logan asked Trudeau about the security risk of the 25,000 Syrian refugees his Liberal government recently embraced into the country. “Would you be just as comfortable if there was a terrorist attack carried out by someone who came in as a refugee?”

Trudeau's reply? “Ultimately, being open and respectful towards each other is much more powerful as a way to defuse hatred and anger, than layering on big walls and oppressive policies.”

And there, in a nutshell, is the Western left's unicorns-and-rainbows approach to national security: being nice to those dedicated to destroying us defuses terrorism. And the angrier and more violent our enemy, the nicer and more open we must be, because ultimately we are responsible for that anger and hatred anyway, through our racist, colonialist, warmongering, Israel-supporting oppression.

Trudeau is shown in the photo above being open and respectful in a Canadian mosque.