California Democrat to Wolf Blitzer: Republicans Want to Physically Harm People

Why make good points when you can be ridiculous?

On CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer Tuesday, Democratic Representative John Garamendi made a statement so incendiary that not even mega-left Wolf Blitzer could resist the temptation to call him out. Just kidding; Wolf didn’t bite. But Garamendi said a mouthful when the California politician leveled this bizarre accusation against his political opponents:

“The policies of the Republicans…are terrible for the American people.  Why anyone would want to go out and purposely, physically harm people, I will never understand.”

This is what passes as reasonable allegations against conservatives in the national debate dominated by left-wing networks. The most preposterous assignment of sinister intent is greeted with simple nods. And with each passing allowance of such absurd assertions, they gradually sell their audience on a vilification of the Right.

The conversation leading to Garamendi’s ludicrous comment began with a reasonable discussion of healthcare. Wolf initiated:

“Your colleagues in the Senate—Lamar Alexander, he's a Republican; Patty Murray, a Democrat—they're working on some compromise health-care legislation.  An interim measure.  That's what the President calls it.  He was signaling today he'd be ready to go along with it.  Are you willing to go along with that kind of interim measure to fix some of the problems of the Affordable Care Act?”

Garamendi replied:

“Absolutely.  And we've been screaming and shouting that that be done, particularly this subsidy program.  The president says it's illegal.  Well, it's before the circuit court, and nothing is illegal until the court actually rules on it.  But we could solve that with one simple sentence, that these subsidies are appropriate, are authorized to be appropriated.  That's all you need to do to solve that particular problem.”

Garamendi explained that the Dems have offered amendments to accomplish this goal, but that Republicans had “totally rejected” them. And that’s all it took. That’s all he needed to accuse Republicans of sadism. The GOP not going along with the Democrats’ solution for addressing a socialized system of healthcare was justification for charges of evil. Because if you don’t agree with Democrats—i.e., if you’re not a Democrat—you’re a villain. Your policies hurt people; and you love it. Garamendi said he "will never understand." That's one point he got right--understanding isn't something he's good at.