CA Governor Gets Fifth Raise in Five Years

Must be nice for him. That pension, too.

It pays to be the governor of California.

Jerry Brown, and other state lawmakers, are getting a pay raise this December, marking the fifth year in a row it has happened, reports The Sacramento Bee.

“The raises, approved Monday by the California Citizens Compensation Commission, come on top of the 4 percent salary increases that kicked in late last year,” the report states. “Brown’s pay will climb from $190,102 to $195,805, while rank-and-file lawmakers will go from $104,117 to $107,240.”

The lieutenant governor, the attorney general, and the treasurer are also getting a raise. The move is said to be because of a reversal in the state budget that was slashed back in 2009 but has since experienced a recovery. The commissioners said “it was only fair politicians continued to be made whole following the reductions,” noted The Bee. Commission chairman Tom Dalzell said the state is “a little bit short” but tried to boost lawmakers’ pay as much as he could. Gov. Brown’s salary is considered “significantly less” than many other state leaders, especially for California’s size.

The Bee adds:

In addition to the salaries, California lawmakers also receive tax-free per diem payments for every day the Legislature is in session, compensation that during the 2015 legislative year averaged about $34,000 per legislator. Several lawmakers who live within a short commute of the state Capitol do not accept the payments.

Commenters on the story weren’t taking the news so well:

“What is worst than pay raise for Jerry is the the fact he has held several offices and there is a pension tied to each one. Half dozen offices, half dozen pensions. They've got to get their pay raises in before the collapse that will happen when ole ‘more tax increases and more government waste’ Newsom gets in there.”

“Very few libs make real money in the private sector as they are not too bright. Instead they go into government make work jobs, take a large salary and then form committees to hire private contractor/consultants to do the work they were supposedly being paid to do. This is how Brown, the Clintons, Obama, etc. all ended up wealthy by the time they left higher office. Those same consultants, unions and lawyers they patronized while in government then pay them large speaking fees as a result.”

“I find it Funny that ole Brown was Collecting a Cali Gov Pension before he came back. Then He comes back and gets more money for his Next Retirement. If you look at the Nothing He's done for the Majority of Cali, which is Dirt Poor Americans living in Slums it's clear to see Brown's only concerned for Himself! Cali when is Enough.... Enough out of these Corrupt Politicians?”

“So is Jerry Brown now saying that Ca is no longer in a budget deficit situation ? Since when ? How about all the under funded state pension plans ? How about an infrastructure collapsing in front of us . How about a Bullet Train to nowhere ? I don't know about you but my PROPERTY TAXES go up every year !!!!  If MOONBEAM has found extra money how about no Property Tax increases......Yeah that will happen !!!!!!”

Good job, Brown. You found a way to tax Californians even more (he called them "freeloaders") and line your pocket with the yield. That's win-win for you.

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