Hopkins Slams London’s Media Elite: ‘You are Dr. Frankenstein, I Am Your Monster

“Our liberal press is biased.”

Conservative thinker Katie Hopkins is making London’s media elite squirm as she confronts them directly on their liberal bias. (Of course, she has done this in America, too!)

In a video posted to Hopkins’ Twitter account, she tells one member of the press on the BBC, Ian Hislop, that it’s people like him who are responsible for creating people like her.

“It’s because of people like you that there are people like me,” Hopkins said directly. “And I’ve always said this that you guys, the liberal elite in London, are responsible for me. You are Dr. Frankenstein and I am your monster.”

At the first of the segment, Hopkins is explaining why she called migrants “cockroaches” in one of her pieces to explain their “enduring nature” of being relentless in crossing the Mediterranean. Hislop also recoiled that she had once stated migrants are “feral humans.”

“I mean, are they all feral?” Hislop asked in doubt. “Aren’t they just a group of people?”

An unrepentant Hopkins stood by her words, stating that, yes, some of them are feral. 

“I use those words explicitly,” she added. “I think I reflect the national conversation and I don’t see that as hatred. I see that as people wanting to protect the thing they love.”

But Hislop pressed back, telling Hopkins her ideas are “filled with hate,” and thus proved her point. And so, Hopkins reminded the liberal media how we got to this point:

“If someone’s been around for twelve years or so with a now-massive audience, there’s a reason that that gains support and it isn’t to do with speaking hate or whipping up frenzy. It’s because there is a sense that there is a whole world of stuff we can no longer say and it’s because there’s a whole world of state media that appear to be very biased in a particular direction.

“It’s because of people like you that there are people like me…”

Watch below: