Bruce Willis Vigilante Movie Causing Major Leftist Meltdowns

In other words, go see it.

Many conservatives have turned their backs on Hollywood for obvious reasons, especially lately thanks to Hollywood's complete meltdown over the presidency of Donald Trump. Instead of learning a lesson from last November about how out-of-touch with American audiences they have become, Tinsel Town celebs have stupidly doubled down on their smug self-righteousness and radical politics since then. They are virtue-signaling themselves into irrelevance and bankruptcy.

But all is not lost. Once in awhile Hollywood gives us on the right a reason to cheer - namely, whenever a Clint Eastwood movie comes out, such as his recent The 15:17 to Paris based on the true story of the three American heroes who took down an Islamic terrorist aboard a Paris-bound train. Another reason to cheer is the new Bruce Willis action thriller, Death Wish. You know it must be worth seeing because movie critics, who are with very few exceptions openly leftist, are losing their ever-lovin' minds over it - and not in a good way.

This new Death Wish is, of course, a remake of the Charles Bronson flick from 1974, in which a husband takes the law into his own hands and hunts down not only the killers of his wife, but other lowlifes as he single-handedly attempts to clean up the mean streets of New York. Bruce Willis, who is reportedly a conservative (although he doesn't wear his politics on his sleeve), has taken on the role this time, but in Chicago, a town whose streets definitely need a thorough scrubbing. It was directed by Eli Roth, who is no friend to social justice warriors, having skewered them in such films as Green Inferno, about a group of naive SJWs out to rescue rain forest natives from capitalist exploitation, only to end up on the wrong end of eating utensils when the natives turn out to be cannibals.

In the wake of the Parkland high school shooting, the left is riding high on gun control outrage and has turned its frothing, self-righteous anger on Roth's and Willis' film. has captured a few of the critical commentaries, some more hysterically vicious than others:

David Ehrlich of IndieWire wrote that the movie is a “Dangerously Entertaining Commercial for the NRA.”

[T]his contemporary riff on Charles Bronson's vigilante classic is a pulpy reaffirmation of the idea that a good guy with a gun is the only thing capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun. And while the world has changed a lot since 1974, the movies are still the perfect vehicle to forward that flawed ethos, because the movies are still the only place where the good guys can be incorruptible.

Another reviewer who tried to tie the movie in with the National Rifle Association - as if the NRA is secretly funding every Hollywood flick with a gun in it - is Matt Goldberg for Collider, who wrote “If the NRA Made a Feature Film, It Would Be This":

It's hard to imagine a movie more tone deaf and ill-suited for its time than Eli Roth's remake of Death Wish. Whereas the original was borne out of rising crime and upheaval in the inner city that stoked the fears of middle America, the new Death Wish unquestioningly celebrates vigilante justice divorced from humanity. It's a movie where criminals exist only so they can be gunned down mercilessly, the media (represented by radio talk shows) just debates if vigilantes should exist, and Bruce Willis grins his way through the whole thing. Roth adds his macabre instincts for gruesome bloodshed and torture, but it all just renders Death Wish as a fantasy for people who think they can be heroes so long as they have an arsenal and zero regard for human life.

It's actually the criminals who have zero regard for human life, and heroes who stand up to their nihilistic evil, but that's a perspective that leftists are willfully incapable of grasping.

And finally, here's the absolutely apoplectic Dustin Rowles for, in “'Death Wish' is Evil, Racist, Irresponsible Bulls**t NRA-Agitprop”:

Eli Roth's Death Wish remake, in addition to being completely f**king pointless, is a dangerous celebration of gun culture. It's NRA agitprop. It's a racist, nihilistic, middle-aged white-man wish-fulfillment fantasy. It is also a terrible f**king movie, an irresponsible piece of s**t, a gangrenous exploding pustule on the hairy-ass of GOP gun-nut ideology wrapped in d**k sweat and the American flag.

All right, then. Sounds like someone needs a chill pill. In any case, perhaps Rowles doesn't realize that decrying Death Wish as a "dangerous celebration of gun culture," "NRA agitprop," and "a racist, nihilistic, middle-aged white-man wish-fulfillment fantasy" is only helping to sell tickets for the film.

Remember also that these are the same critics who have uniformly raved about the black superhero blockbuster Black Panther, which is loaded with gun violence, as if it's the greatest film in cinematic history, and if you disagree, you're condemned as a racist.

With biased reviews like that, TruthRevolt gives Death Wish two thumbs up and urges conservatives to get out and support it in theaters.