British Host: I Don’t Want to Lecture Americans But Trump Caters to ‘White Christians’

Because after your country was attacked twice in the span of a couple weeks, White Christians and Trump should be your target.

CBS’s Late Late Show host James Corden, a Brit, doesn't want to presume to know what it's like to be an American, but he still wants to lecture his American audience about Donald Trump catering to "white Christians."

Not a night after his home country was attacked by terrorists -- for the second time in less than month -- Corden chose to focus on the perils of pandering to white Christians in America? This, my friends, is why Britain is in the state it's in. Newsbusters provides the video and partial transcript: 

As a Brit, he knows that “I didn’t grow up in America.” Yet, he does want you to know that Donald Trump is just trying to cater to “white Christians.” Appearing on CBS This Morning, the entertainer began with humility. Given the fact that he’s from England, Corden noted, “ I think it would be foolish to feel like I can speak to parts of America that I've never even been to.”  

He added that “I'm always very conscious of the fact that I didn't grow up in America.” However, a few seconds later, the lecturing started, “When the President proposed that ban, I think it hit everybody in our office quite hard. And we thought well freedom of travel should be simple for every legal immigrant not just the white and Christian ones.”

Yet, Corden seemed to realize how the hectoring comes across. Doing the interview from London, he admitted: 

If an American comedian came over here and started talking to me about the general election, I'd be, "What do you know? You didn't grow up here. How do you know how people are struggling in Liverpool." You know? 

Newsbusters also noted that back in August 2016, Corden belted out a ballad with actor  Denis Leary entitled, "Trump’s an A**hole." So, Corden, if Trump is, what do you call the leadership in your home country?