BREAKING: Egyptair Flight Hijacked to Cyprus Airport. Possible Bomb On Board [LIVE FEED]

An Egyptair flight bound from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked during the night (Eastern time) and is currently on the ground in Cyprus. There are between 40 and 80 hostages on board at the time of this post, with some 30 estimated to have been released. 

The hostage-taker is believed to be strapped with an explosive "suicide" vest according to authorities who spoke to Sky News. Airport officials tell reporters that among the hostages are 10 Americans.

Above, please watch the Sky News live feed. We will update as possible.

UPDATE 1: Only ten hostages now remain on board according to one source. Five passengers and five crew.

UPDATE 2: Cypriot press reports hostage-taker has a "political" motive. 

UPDATE 3: (Below: shot of majority of passengers being released from hijacked jet.) Number of passengers still being held hostage now reported as "four" foreigners (non-Egyptians).


UPDATE 5: 4:23 a.m. Eastern - It is now reported by the BBC that the man who claims to have a bomb has not been confirmed to have a bomb. He has written a letter and asked for it to be delivered to a woman in Cyprus who may be his ex-wife.