Boycott Failure: Dennis Prager Concert Sells Out


When Dennis Prager was invited to guest conduct the Santa Monica Symphony (SMS) this month, several instrumentalists tried to organize a boycott of the concert because of his conservative politics. However, it failed miserably. Prager conducted the orchestra on Wednesday night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to a sell-out crowd.

PragerU CEO Marissa Streit said they were all “pleased by the result:”

“Thousands of people, both here in Los Angeles and around the country responded to this most recent attempt by the illiberal left to silence and demonize people who don’t share their politics. A sold-out concert means Dennis will be able to raise more money for the Santa Monica Symphony and expose more people to classical music. That is why he accepted the invitation to guest conduct the concert in the first place. Ironically, calls for a boycott have only helped the cause.”

Prager was invited by SMS conductor Guido Lamell but several of the symphony’s members recoiled at the idea and refused to perform for the concert. It should be no surprise that two of them are UCLA professors, Michael Chwe (political science) and Andrew Apter (history). They wrote a letter stating Prager’s appearance would “normalize hatred and bigotry” and gathered support for the boycott by various members of the Santa Monica City Council. But as PragerU pointed out, the only bigots here were the angry leftists who prefer discrimination over inclusion.

The end result: leftist failure and art was spread to the local community. That's music to our ears!

Photo credit: Lon R. Fong via / CC BY-SA

H/T Legal Insurrection