Book: Obama Thought Clinton's Handling of Email Server Was 'Political Malpractice'

He disliked her handling of the scandal - "obfuscate, deny, and evade."

According to a new book, former President Barack Obama thought his Secretary of State's use of a private email server to send and receive classified information amounted to "political malpractice." 

Amie Parnes of The Hill and Sidewire's Jonathan Allen touch on the dynamic between Obama and Hillary Clinton in their book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign.

"He [Obama] couldn’t understand what possessed Hillary to set up the private e-mail server, and her handling of the scandal — obfuscate, deny, and evade — amounted to political malpractice," Parnes and Allen wrote. The Hill provides additional summary: 

Clinton's actions, according to Parnes and Allen, reminded Obama of some of the “qualities” that helped him win the Democratic primary in 2008.

The book also includes an anecdote from July 2016 when Clinton and Obama traveled aboard Air Force One to their first joint campaign rally. FBI Director James Comey said on the same day as the event that he would not recommend charges against Clinton over her use of the private server.

Obama, during the ride to Charlotte, acted as a “pep-talking coach” to Clinton, whose campaign saw Comey's announcement as dominating a news cycle meant to be focused on Obama and Clinton campaigning together. 

"It’s a four-month sprint to the end, and it will go quickly. It's hard and it’s tiring," Obama reportedly told Clinton in one such pep-talk. 

The takeaway, of course, is that while Obama supposedly disapproved of Hillary Clinton conducting State Department business on her home-brew server, he was complicit in the "malpractice" the entire time. 

Behold Democratic hypocrisy in full bloom.