Snoop Dogg Back With Another Trump Assassination Fantasy

Guess who’s back? Back again. Snoop Dogg’s back. Tell a friend.

Eight months ago, Snoop Dogg released a video for his single Lavender in which he held a mock assassination of President Trump, who was depicted as an orange-faced clown. At the time, Snoop said the video deals “with the real issue with this f***ing clown as president, and the sh*t that we dealing with out here.”

And now, he’s back with another Trump assassination fantasy, teasing a new album cover showing a white man draped in an American flag with a morgue tag on his toe that reads “Trump.” The title is “Make America Crip Again.”

The rapper posted the teaser to Instagram:


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However, Snoop, lacking any originality, not only repeated his anti-Trump wishes from a few short months ago, but also stole the cover directly from Ice Cube’s Death Certificate from 1991, which featured the same image but “Uncle Sam” written on the tag:

Apparently, Snoop Dogg is on an eight month-cycle of popularity and so, it was time to get his name in the news cycle again.