Bobby Jindal: Offensive to Compare Christians to Racists

2016 presidential candidate Bobby Jindal came out swinging hard in defense of Christians Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press, calling it offensive to compare faithful Christians in favor of traditional marriage with racists who opposed interracial marriage. 

Speaking with Chuck Todd Sunday, Jindal voiced his disapproval of same-sex "marriage" once again, leading Obama shill Chuck Todd to employ the usual leftist trope by comparing his position to racists.

"The issue of religion and faith was used in the 60's during the debate about interracial marriage," said Todd before pulling up a quote from former President Harry Truman saying he opposed biracial marriage due to supposed biblical teaching. "Are you comfortable using religion as a way to defend your position on marriage?"

Jindal refused to back down from his position, calling it offensive to suggest Christians are racists:

I think it's offensive to evangelical Christians, to Catholics that are trying to follow their Church's teachings and to millions of other Americans. We're not racists, we love our fellow man, we think we are all equal under God's eyes, we don't believe we should change the definition of marriage based on public opinion polls or because of a court.

Jindal also slammed the Supreme Court for not respecting decisions made by the states regarding these issues.