Blitzer Refuses to Address Memo, Attacks GOP Congressman for Rise of Putin in America

“This is seen by the American —at least a big chunk of the American public, Congressman, as being a politicized moment in American history."

Wolf Blitzer had his hands on his guns Friday, to blast away at anything regarding the Nunes memo that might be damaging to the Democratic Party. 

Republican Congressman Chris Stewart guested on Blitzer's CNN program to talk about the Republican House Intelligence Committee report of DOJ corruption and bias in its investigation of Trump-Russian election collusion.

Wolf showed his fangs during the segment, throwing any notions of objective journalism to the...well, wolves. According to the long-time left-wing pundit, Republicans have wholly "blown apart" the Intelligence Committee with a "political" "smear" on behalf of Trump. Furthermore, according to Blitzer, the GOP is the reason Vladimir Putin has divided the United States of America. 

Blitzer began by attacking Stewart for the delayed release of the "the Democratic minority report" on the DOJ, wrongly suggesting that Republicans had attempted to ban it. In reality, the Dems' document had been initiated afterward, hence being behind in its release.

For obvious partisan reasons, Wolf wouldn't discuss the actual points of the memo. In response to Stewart's pointing to that fact, the newsman shot down any light the report may shed because "the contents of the memo, Congressman...the contents of the memo are being seen as political."

In other words, if something reveals treachery on the left side of the aisle, it is illegitimate to discuss. Blitzer explained:

“This is seen by the American —at least a big chunk of the American public, Congressman, as being a politicized moment in American history which you could have avoided by simply releasing both memos at the same time which has always been the case.”

By the American public, or merely according to the Democrats' narrative?

In a moment of incredible irony, the biased CNN reporter criticized partisanship:

"Congressman, I know you're an honorable — honorable member of the House Intelligence Committee, and I'm sure you must be very upset that your committee has now been blown apart going back many, many decades. I've never seen the House Intelligence Committee so partisan as it has become over these past several months."

Congressional Democrat Jane Harmon joined the show, condemning Republicans for demoralizing intelligence members with the release of the memo exposing their corruption. Continuing the insanity, Wolf took the opportunity to blame the Right for Putin's divisive presence in American politics, despite the fact that Putin's name has been kept at the forefront solely by the Left:

"So, Putin has succeeded because that's what's happening right now. The whole nature of the support for the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, the fighting that's going on here in Washington, he's sitting back and he's smiling, saying, 'Guys, good work. We succeeded.'"

Huh? Putin is happy because of what's happening in law enforcement in America? Furthermore, doesn't "We succeeded" suggest that Russian collusion is a fact, despite the damning elements of the memo and the lack of any investigative proof of collusion?

After Stewart's segment, Blitzer called the memo "a real smear on the FBI and the Justice Department, the smear in this memo that they would like to rebut [but are not allowed to refute].”

Later, Wolf howled:

“This is exploding right now. This is precisely what, as I mentioned earlier, Putin and the Russians wanted to see happen. The disunity, the anger that's going on, the blaming of the FBI, the blaming of the law enforcement community, intelligence community going after the foreign intelligence surveillance court. Even Chris Stewart, the Republican Congressman, he said Putin probably should give a medal to the guys who orchestrated this meddling in the U.S. presidential election.” 

Blitzer didn't explain how he knows what "the Russians wanted." Perhaps he was too distracted by his leftist desperation to discredit anything that threatens his fanatical political ideology.