Black Lives Matter Preacher Starts New ’Christian Denomination’ to ‘Address Black Suffering’

To spread the gospel of victimhood.

Jomo Kenyatta Johnson is a pastor in Savannah, Georgia. In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies from Beacon University and a Master of Divinity from Westminster Seminary, he also spends time as a Black Lives Matter activist. Now, he is combining his two loves into an entirely new highly political religion he says will “unapologetically address black suffering" once and for all.

Johnson claims it’s a new “Christian denomination” that will focus on three aspects, as reported at The Blaze:

  • The denomination will never collect tithes and offerings, to avoid perceptions of greed.
  • They will not be a tax-exempt organization, so that the church can endorse or speak out against political candidates.
  • The church will “unapologetically address issues of black suffering,” which Johnson says haven’t been “properly translated in corporate church culture.”

Johnson says his new church will not be an affiliate program of BLM and that he will actually step away from the notable domestic terrorist organization to focus on his church.

He is calling it Church for Black Men. (Cue the black feminist outrage in 3…2…1.)

“Most evangelical churches won’t speak on political issues because they are tax exempt or will cause division,” said Johnson. “Churches that don’t speak on black suffering will not attract black men that want to address black suffering. We want to address black suffering so we can point to the truth on how the suffering can be alleviated.”

It doesn't sound like Johnson plans on pointing his congregants to Jesus as the alleviation they seek, like traditional Christian denominations do. Instead, the government will be their savior.

Johnson has already had to squelch some accusations that his church sounds racist:

“Some of the comments that we see, some of the news stories and things like that, people say that it’s a racist concept. I refer myself and people to the Korean Presbyterian Church, or the Russian Orthodox Church, or the Greek Orthodox Church. No one would say those churches are racist. They just have to focus on a particular ethnic group because of language barrier.”

As The Blaze notes, Johnson will officially launch the denomination in February as a home church system with around 25 members at each location. Though the Church for Black Men sounds like a segregationist's dream, it’s not clear if only black men are allowed to join. On the other hand, we are sure that whoever joins identifies as part of the victim-class.