'Black Lives Matter' Bans Whites from Attending Philly Event

The 'City of Brotherly Love' disproves its nickname once again.

People who have lived in the "City of Brotherly Love" know that it is frequently anything but. This was most recently shown, once again, at an upcoming Black Lives Matter event. According to PJ Media:

Black Lives Matter Philly banned white people from an upcoming event, claiming it is a “black only space.”

The April 15 meeting plans to discuss projects and initiatives for the upcoming year and act as a  place for people to “meet, strategize and organize.” While children are invited to attend, white people are explicitly banned from the meeting, according to the Facebook event page.

When people began questioning the ban on whites over Twitter, Black Lives Matter Philly stayed by their ban, explaining that their meetings are “black centered.”

Anyone who identifies as “African disapora” is allowed to attend, the group explained over Twitter.

Here's their tweet:

And here is an image taken from their Facebook announcement:

So, remind me again: what is the definition of a racist organization, if not one that discriminates based on color? This segregation is a great example of how the Black Lives Matter organizers really are not about racial reconciliation or unity.  Rather, they're a political organization that tries to shove their liberalism down the throats of normal Americans. Rallying under a relatively innocuous slogan -- Black Lives Matter -- they try to manipulate compassionate Americans into accepting their radical leftist politics of divisiveness and hatred.

Don't believe it for one second.

Photo credit: WikiCommons