Black Lives Matter Activist Banned from University Now Works There Full Time

Well, if that isn’t an interesting turn of events.

Caleb Stephens burst into an office at the University of Kansas and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against the social work dean that left staff and students frightened for their safety. For his conduct, Stephens was banned from that office for four years. But now, the university has given him a full-time job.

Stephens, a licensed social worker, is now working as a graduate teaching assistant in the theater department, where he is pursuing a doctorate. But back in 2015, Stephens was knee-deep in activism with the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter. Here’s an account of what happened that was drafted in a letter to Stephens announcing his banishment:

You then began shouting at the Dean, from the doorway, and your voice could be heard up and down the halls. Your shouting — captured on video that I reviewed — disrupted classrooms, and caused instructors and other students to fear for their personal safety. …

Please note that if you engage in a similar disruptive and threatening conduct in other University buildings, you may be subject to arrest for disorderly conduct, and this ban may be expanded to include the entire campus. 

It isn’t known if the previous altercation was considered or not in the new hire. But it appears as though Stephens is just as angry as ever, if this Facebook post has anything to say about it:

“yt [white] people are such pieces of shit… [with] no accountability and responsibility.”

The College Fix reports:

Stephens admitted he used the word “f***” throughout his tirade against Smokowski because the dean “didn’t f***ing care about” people of color and was ignoring the requirements of his Behavioral Science Regulatory Board licensure.

But the activist said he did not “threaten him in any way” and remained “at least three to four feet away from him” in the office.

It’s good to know that the University of Kansas awards paying jobs to students who engage in bad behavior.